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Welcome to This website is dedicated to serving you. We will provide as much information on the Plexus product offering as well as information on the Plexus opportunity. works as an ambassadorship for Plexus WorldWide.
Plexus Worldwide is committed to providing our Ambassadors with life-changing products and a unique and rewarding business opportunity. The combination of our products and opportunity help open the door to personal success and financial freedom.
In early 2011 Plexus Worldwide launched the synergistic product combination of Plexus Slim and Accelerator. The initial results were extremely impressive and sales have grown dramatically month over month.
Our core beliefs are simple and matches that of Plexus Worldwide: Be Trustworthy, Be Honest, Be Reliable, and Be Responsible.

These beliefs encompass all that we do. You can have confidence in the quality of our products, the commitment to our Ambassadors, and the support we will provide to help you succeed.
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Traci M.

"No Special Diet & No Exercise!"

“I started dieting and eating better last year in an attempt to lose weight. Unfortunately, I hit a plateau and couldn’t reach my goals. I started Plexus Slim and within two months I was down 25 more pounds. No more killing myself by starving. I have now lost over 30 pounds with Plexus Slim and I feel amazing!”

- Traci M.

What Can Plexus Do For You?

It is not a secret that being overweight has become a worldwide epidemic. In addition to normal concerns of clothes not fitting, lack of energy, and low self-esteem, being overweight can lead to dramatic increases in diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, arthritis, and depression.

Consider the following:

  • 8 out of 10 Americans over the age of 25 are overweight
  • 174 million Americans are overweight or obese
  • The worldwide number is expected to double by 2030
  • 25.8 million children and adults in the United States have diabetes
  • That's 8.3% of the population with have diabetes
  • Source: Centers for Disease Control

    If you are like millions of others, you have probably tried this diet or that pill, but you never got the results you wanted. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control reports that 95% of all diets and weight loss programs fail!

    Finally, with the Plexus products, there is an all-natural, healthy solution to help you lose weight. The synergistic effect of Plexus Slim and Plexus Accelerator taken together can help you lose more weight, faster than you ever thought possible. Experience quick results and keep the weight off. People around the country are experiencing amazing results and you can too!

    Plexus Slim/Accelerator Combo

    Experience the powerful one two punch of taking Plexus Slim and Accelerator. With the synergistic effect of taking these two products together, you lose more weight, faster than you ever thought possible!
    With the plexus proprietary blend of all natural ingredients, Plexus Slim and Plexus Accelerator work synergistically to burn unwanted fat, balance blood sugar levels and decrease your appetite. All this in a quick and healthy manner.
    Taken together, Plexus Slim and Plexus Accelerator will positively impact and change your life. In addition to losing weight, you will experience more energy and better health. Take control and make a dramatic change in your life today.

    The combo pack of Plexus slim and Plexus Accelarator is sold in several price groups:

    Retail Price: A Retail order is a one-time, non-recurring order.
  • 30-Day Supply - $114.95
  • 7-Day Supply - $29.95
  • 3-Day Trial Pack - $11.95

  • Preferred Price: A Preferred Customer agrees to a monthly recurring auto shipment of any of our plexus products at lower cost than what a Retail Customer has to pay.
  • 30-Day Supply - $99.85

  • Plexus Slim

    Having trouble losing weight and keeping it off? You are not alone!!! But don't worry! Finally, with the Plexus products, there is an all-natural, healthy solution to help you lose weight for the long term. Plexus Slim is the all-natural way to lose weight and lose inches by burning fat, not muscle. Plexus Slim also helps keep blood sugar, cholesterol and lipids at a healthy levels. In addition, Plexus slim helps reduce binge eating and increases your will power over food. Simply pour into a bottle of water 30 minutes before a meal, drink, and experience the results you've been dreaming of.

    Retail Price: A Retail order is a one-time, non-recurring order.
  • 30-Day Supply - $84.95

  • Preferred Price: A Preferred Customer agrees to a monthly recurring autoshipment of any of our products at lower cost than what a Retail Customer has to pay.
  • 30-Day Supply - $79.95

  • Features & Benefits

  • Safe and effective weight control
  • Safe and effective weight control
  • Helps regulate blood sugars
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure
  • Promotes beneficial cholesterol and lipid levels
  • Proven ingredients including Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chlorogenic Acid
  • also including Garcinia Cambogia that address all areas of weight loss
  • No caffeine
  • No stimulants
  • No meal replacements
  • No shakes
  • Fast and easy
  • Saves you time
  • A simple solution combined with water to help you succeed

  • Plexus Slim - More Information and Directions

    Half an hour before a meal, it does not matter which meal, it can be breakfast, lunch or dinner; pour the Plexus Slim powder into a 12 ounce glass/bottle of water, stir/shake and drink. That's all there is to it! Enjoy the flavor of your Plexus Sim.



  • Chris C.

    "These Products Have Changed My Life!"

    “Plexus has changed my life! In just over six months I have lost a total of 39 pounds and dropped six pant sizes. I was reluctant to try the product at first, but I am so thankful that I did. Let the Plexus products change your life as it has mine.”

    Chris C.

    The Mechanics of Weight Loss

    The body naturally stores fat. The most common areas are the stomach, thighs and buttocks. These excess fat stores contain toxins that cause havoc with our immune system. Ultimately this can lead to heart disease, diabetes, loss of energy, depression and many other debilitating conditions.

    "Obesity in the U.S. is driving rising rates of diabetes and hypertension with stroke causing conditions affecting almost 3 in 10 Americans. Excess weight increases the risk of developing heart disease, stroke and other serious conditions, according to the U. S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention." Bloomberg News, October 2008.

    When used as part of a daily hydration regimen (1 stick pack per day), Plexus Slim promotes:

  • Loss of weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle
  • Healthy blood sugar levels
  • Healthy cholesterol and lipid levels
  • Healthy willpower over food choices
  • Free radical scavenging (reduces oxidative stress)

  • Plexus Slim is:

  • afe, non-stimulatory and non-thermogenic
  • Diabetic friendly
  • Product Active Ingredients

  • Leveraging the research and experience of one of the world's largest natural ingredient compounder, Plexus Slim harnesses the beneficial essence of 2 plant extract concentrates, provides proven effectiveness in slimming and provides beauty benefits. Compounded using a proprietary process, Plexus Slim possesses a unique composition. Its effectiveness has been clinically proven.

    The two principle active ingredients in Plexus Slim are derivatives of chlorogenic acid and oxypregnane steroidal glycoside. Among other mechanisms, these two ingredients provide:
    Fat metabolism: Chlorogenic acids are one of the major classes of phenolic compounds. They are present in a large variety of fruits and vegetables. They largely occur conjugated with quinic acid as in chlorogenic acid.
    Appetite management: Oxypregnane steroidal glycoside is a benign plant extract. Several varieties of the plant exist, however, one species in particular exhibits extraordinary appetite management qualities.

    Chlorogenic Acid

    The benefits of Chlorogenic acids to our health have been demonstrated in numerous scientific studies. The study by Richelle et al. confirms the anti-oxidant power of Chlorogenic acids. Furthermore, it shows that the anti-oxidant power is approximately twice as superior to that of dark chocolate. The works of Bandyopadhyay et al. and Jiang et al. equally confirm the benefits of Chlorogenic acids to our health. Studies have shown that caffeic acid possesses a strong anti-oxidant power, notably limiting the oxidation of lipids in the liver. The Chlorogenic acid in Plexus Slim is a particular and unique composition and is guaranteed free of cafestol and kahweol and other harmful elements.

    Oxypregnane Steroidal Glycoside

    The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that regulates certain metabolic processes and other activities of the autonomic nervous system. It synthesizes and secretes neuro-hormones, often called hypothalamic-releasing hormones, and these in turn stimulate or inhibit the secretion of pituitary hormones. Its basic function is to control body temperature, hunger, thirst, fatigue, anger and circadian cycles (the body's clock).

    When food is consumed, blood sugar (glucose) levels increase, prompting the body to start sending signals to the brain that it is full. This causes the hypothalamus region of the brain to cease sending out signals that the body needs a further source of energy. Scientists in cooperation with the British company Phytopharm isolated a steroidal glycoside active ingredient they designated as P57. They discovered that the brain interprets the molecules in the chemical structure of P57 as molecules of glucose. This has the same effect on the hypothalamus as consuming large quantities of food.

    The unique steroidal glycoside extract used in Plexus Slim is estimated to be 100,000 times more potent than glucose, so as soon as it is sensed by the hypothalamus, the body is "told" that it is full, thus inhibiting overeating.

    Warnings: Please consult a physician when starting this or any other dietary supplement program.


    1. Question: Does Plexus Slim contain any MSG?
    Answer: Plexus Slim does not contain MSG or other proven red-flag ingredients. Although some manufacturers play label games to hide MSG and other controversial ingredients, all of the chemical names used in labeling Plexus Slim are the chemical break downs of the various plant extracts used. No MSG, no artificials, no synthetics. Monosodium Glutamate has been used as a preservative in many foods. There is also a theory out there that it has been used in fast foods and grocery store foods to cause people to want to eat more, thus purchase more of the product. We have never seen any empirical data to support the claim. Of course, none of that applies to Plexus Slim because there simply isn't any in our product.

    2. Question: What is the sweetener in Plexus Slim?
    Answer: Much time and effort has been expended in developing the taste of Plexus Slim. The goal was to create a good tasting product without using harmful or controversial ingredients. The final formulation that produced the desired taste uses a combination of Stevia and Lohan. Stevia being a leaf extract and Lohan being a fruit extract. During product development, several variations of the formula were created using only Stevia. The result was a bitter aftertaste considered by most test subjects to be unpleasant. Stevia and Lohan are both safe and effective alternatives to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

    3. Question: What are the fillers in Plexus Slim?
    Answer: Maltodextrin and fructose are both commonly used fillers. There are many variations of these two ingredients. The maltodextrin variation we use is among the lowest glycemic index available. We use it rather than other fillers because it does not adversely affect the taste of the product. Over the years, some product companies have put taste on a back burner when it came to the formulation. Even though some people do acquire a taste for these products, most do not. We have seen many drinks that are very healthy but people stop taking them because they can not gag them down day after day. We have seen drinks that taste fabulous but have extremely high glycemic indices, thus the taste deters from the product's health benefits. Plexus Slim strikes the balance between tasting good and refreshing while still carrying a relatively low glycemic index.

    4. Question: What are the ingredients in Plexus Slim and are they safe?
    Answer: Plexus Slim's ingredients are all natural i.e. plant extracts, and they are completely safe. Ingredients are Low Glycemic Index Fructose, Soy Lecithin, Beet Root, Stevia, Lo Han Fruit, Grape Skin, Carmine, Chlorogenic Acid, Rosmarinic Acid, Hydroxcycinnamic Acid (Not associated with Hydroxycut), Citrin K, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chromium Amino Nicotinate, Oxypregnane Steroidal Glycoside, Citric Acid, and Natural Fruit Flavors. All ingredients are natural with no artificial coloring or flavoring.

    5. Question: When can I expect to experience weight loss?
    Answer: Because Plexus Slim contains no stimulants, it is a very subtle yet effective product. Most people begin to recognize benefits approximately 2 weeks after starting the product. Some experience benefits sooner, others, later.

    6. Question: What ingredient in Plexus Slim Accelerator might cause a false positive in a drug test?
    Answer: In the accelerator, the GeranaX (Geranium Flower Extract) can show up in some urine tests as an amphetamine. It is not an amphetamine and a blood test will show that it is not in the amphetamine family. If you are subject to drug testing please indicate on your pre-screening questionnaire or notify your examiner that you are taking a dietary supplement containing geranium.

    7. Question: Will Plexus Slim interfere or react with any medications or other supplements?
    Answer: No. Extensive clinical research has demonstrated no ill side effects with any medications or other supplements.

    8. Question: Are there any stimulants in Plexus Slim?
    Answer: No. Plexus Slim does not contain any stimulants such as caffeine, ma huang, ephedra or any other type of stimulatory ingredient.

    9. Question: When is the best time to drink Plexus Slim?
    Answer: Preferably 15-30 minutes before a meal. However, Plexus Slim can be taken anytime and will still benefit the consumer.

    10. Question: How often do I have to take Plexus Slim?
    Answer: Most people only need to take Plexus Slim once a day to get the desired results. However, people who struggle with weight loss or people who have a lot of weight to lose, may find that taking Plexus Slim twice a day works better for them.

    11. Question: Can pregnant or lactating women take Plexus Slim?
    Answer: Plexus Slim has not demonstrated any harmful effects for pregnant and lactating women. As with all supplementation, a health care practitioner should be consulted before taking the product.

    12. Question: Can children and teenagers drink Plexus Slim?
    Answer: Plexus Slim has demonstrated no ill effect on children or teenagers.

    13. Question: How is Plexus Slim sweetened?
    Answer: Plexus Slim is sweetened with Stevia Leaf Extract and Lo Han Fruit Extract. Both of these ingredients are natural, completely safe and do not lend themselves to invoking a blood sugar spike when consumed.

    14. Question: Whenever I go on a diet, I seem to lose fat from my breasts first. Will Plexus Slim cause the same thing to happen? Is there anything I can do about preventing the fat from coming off my breasts?
    Answer: Breast fat is different than the adipose body fat that accumulates around the waist, hips and thighs. Plexus Slim tends to go after the adipose fat and leave the Breast fat alone. However, if you want some added assurance, we recommend the use of Plexus Breast Cream. If you apply this cream twice a day to your breasts, the product will help your body to detoxify your breasts and, in the process, keep them fuller and firmer.

    15. Question: Besides weight loss will I notice anything else from taking Plexus Slim?
    Answer: Based on the feed-back from people who are taking Plexus Slim, we are hearing four pretty consistent things: first, people say they feel calmer throughout the day; second, people tell us they are sleeping much better at night: third, people notice their appetites are down; fourth, people tell us that they aren't snacking as often; some have told us their snacking, especially sweets like chocolate and candy, has totally stopped.

    16. Question: Do I need to exercise on the Plexus Slim program?
    Answer: According to the developers of the product, it is not necessary for you to exercise as part of the Plexus Slim program. However, they also say that any moderate exercise. like a 20 to 30 minute brisk walk every day, will dramatically increase the speed with which Plexus Slim works.

    17. Question: Do I need to eat differently when I am taking Plexus Slim?
    Answer: This is a really important question and here is a very simple thing to keep in mind: if you keep on doing what you have always been doing, you will keep on getting what you have always been getting. In reverse, if you want to lose weight permanently, you will need to eat differently than before. Plexus Slim is formulated to help you make a life-style change to your eating habits. Plexus Slim contains natural ingredients that have been shown to reduce appetite. However, some people just ignore their body's new messages and keep on eating like before. Some people eat emotionally; they eat because they are stressed or upset. Most people are trained to eat with their eyes and eat by the clock. What do we mean by that? Has this ever happened to you? You look at the clock and realize it is supper time. You sit down to eat your supper and realize that you really aren't hungry. But, because it is supper time, you eat your supper anyway. That's what we mean by eating by the clock. Some people sit down for a meal and fill up their entire plate with food. Then, they eat until everything on the plate is gone. They are not listening to their bodies. Weight loss specialists tell us that the stomach is really designed to consume a meal that is about the size of a clenched fist. If you go to a restaurant, try ordering an appetizer for your main meal. Wait a few minutes after you finish eating. If you are still hungry after you have had your appetizer, you can always order another appetizer. Our guess is that if you listen to your body, you will realize that you are full. And, one other thing, your pocket book will also appreciate the lower cost of the meal. If you are looking for a restaurant and you see the sign All You Can Eat or if you see Buffet Dinner Tonight, please drive on. We have been trained to always get the best deal we can for our money. When we are at a buffet that means that we need to go back at least three times AND go for dessert as well just to make sure we get full value for what we have paid. Make a decision: Do you want to lose weight and keep it off by making a small life-style change? If so, Plexus Slim is designed to help you do that. On the other hand, if you want to make sure you are getting the biggest bang for you buck by stuffing yourself at the buffet, you can forget about permanent weight loss.

    18. Question: Will Plexus Slim cause me to notice a loss in pounds or inches?
    Answer: Every person is different and what happens with one person is not necessarily what is going to happen with another. Most people report that they lose inches first. That is why we urge you to take your starting measurements. That may be where your results first show up. On the other hand, we have had people reporting a loss in weight before the loss of inches show up.

    19. Question: Do I have to give up drinking alcohol to lose weight with Plexus Slim?
    Answer: This is a very individual thing. Some people have told us that, throughout their adult life they have never been able to lose weight unless they give up drinking. The developers of Plexus Slim say that, for most people, moderate drinking will not stop the weight loss from occurring. You need to use your own judgment. Alcoholic beverages are very high in calories. Consume too many calories and you are going to be working against the Plexus Slim program.

    20. Question: Is Plexus Slim gluten-free?
    Answer: Yes.

    Michelle O.

    "My clothes were looser and I felt better all over!"

    “Hi, my name is Michelle O. I’m from Lumberton, MS and I’m a full time student and an Ambassador for Plexus Slim. I was always a little over weight but it never bothered me really until I graduated from high school in 2009 and I was at about 200 pounds. Then as my freshman year of college approached I gained more weight and eventually I was at 233. I also didn't sleep well at night.

    “Before my wedding in March 2011 my husband and I decided to start working out at our local gym and I went on a low carb diet. I lost 5 pounds in a month and before the wedding I ended up gaining it all back. Then someone was telling me about this new product called Plexus Slim. I started taking Slim and the Accelerator and within 3 days I lost 3 pounds and by the 10th day I lost 8 pounds! I was loving this stuff!

    “The first month I lost exactly 20 pounds. My clothes were looser and I felt better all over. I sleep like a baby now! In 6 months I have lost 54 pounds making me 179! Gosh, it still gives me the chills to say it! It was so weird eating whatever I wanted while still losing the weight.

    “I started selling Plexus Slim five months ago just because I had so many people come up to me and ask about it. It took me a while to finally say I would sell it because I know how selling things are, but Plexus Slim is nothing like that. There is not a week that goes by that I don’t have at least 2 orders! Being 20 years old and able to feel good about myself and my body image is a great feeling, and this summer I will be wearing a cute bathing suit!”

    Michelle O.


    If you thought Plexus Slim was a terrific way to lose weight, just wait until you team it up with Plexus Accelerator. When taken with Plexus Slim, the Accelerator helps speed up weight loss or helps people overcome weight plateaus. Simply take one capsule with one stick pack of Plexus Slim 30 minutes after breakfast. The combination of ingredients in the Plexus Slim and Plexus Accelerator work synergistically to help you lose weight-easy and fast!

    Retail Price: A Retail order is a one-time, non-recurring order.
  • 30-Day Supply - $39.95

  • Preferred Price: A Preferred Customer agrees to a monthly recurring autoshipment of any of our products at lower cost than what a Retail Customer has to pay.
  • 30-Day Supply - $29.95

  • Features & Benefits

  • Boosts weight loss safely and effectively
  • Proven ingredients: dark chocolate, green tea, and natural caffeine to boost metabolism, suppress appetite and accelerate weight loss
  • Increases energy
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Speeds up weight loss in fat and inches
  • Synergistic benefits help increase the effectiveness of Plexus Slim
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Great 3-day and 7-day packs to sample the products

  • Accelerator - More Information:

    Plexus Slim Accelerator contains the following:

  • Proprietary Weight Loss Formula* 342 mg
  • Trace Mineral Blend 50 mg
  • Calcium (Seaweed-Derived) 30 mg
  • Magnesium (Seaweed-Derived) 15 mg
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl) 5 mg
  • *Dark Chocolate, GeranaX, Natural Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Vanadium Chelate, B-Phenylethylamine HCl

  • Suggested Use: In the morning, take one capsule with one stick-pack of Plexus Slim. This product is not intended for long term use. It should be taken to help jump start the weight loss benefits of Plexus Slim. If you are taking Plexus Slim strictly for non-weight related health benefits, this product is not necessary.
    Recommended: Drink 8 glasses of water per day. Do not take too late in the day as sleep may be impaired. Do not exceed suggested use.

    Warnings: Not intended for expectant or nursing mothers. If you have a heart condition, high blood pressure or any other cardiovascular condition, please consult with a physician before taking this product. Not intended for children under the age of 18. Avoid taking this product with cold medicines or caffeinated drinks such as coffee, black tea, caffeinated sodas, etc. Each capsule contains caffeine equivalent to one cup of brewed coffee. If unpleasant effects occur, discontinue use.
    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

    Bio Cleanse

    As a result of the modern lifestyle, most of our bodies are burdened with toxic waste and sluggish metabolisms. A specially formulated Magnesium Oxide compound with Oxygen Enhancement and Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids, Plexus Bio Cleanse can help do the following:

    Retail Price: A Retail order is a one-time, non-recurring order.
  • 180 ct - $39.95

  • 120 ct - $29.95

  • Preferred Price: A Preferred Customer agrees to a monthly recurring autoshipment of any of our products at lower cost than what a Retail Customer has to pay.
  • 180 ct - $34.95
  • 120 ct - $24.95

  • Features & Benefits

  • Oxygenates the entire body
  • Detoxifies and cleanses the gastro intestinal tract and arteries
  • Energizes both physically and mentally
  • Neutralizes acidic conditions that may promote pathogens
  • Enhances weight loss
  • Supports collagen production
  • Relieves constipation

  • Plexus Bio-Cleanse - More Information:

    How does Plexus Bio-Cleanse help you?

    Plexus Bio-Cleanse oxygenates and energizes your body while detoxifying and cleansing wastes, pathogens and plaque in the gastrointestinal tract, colon, arteries, blood, etc.

    Why do you need Plexus Bio-Cleanse?

    Many people are in a low oxygen toxic state. This is caused by poor diet, stress, low activity levels, polluted air and shallow breathing. The body cannot keep up its metabolism in this state, and begins to gather waste products more rapidly than it can eliminate them. Viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic microbes thrive in this condition, and can lead to diseases such as flu, Candida, chronic fatigue, etc. Plexus Bio-Cleanse can increase the oxygen levels around these microbes, causing them to die due to their high-oxygen environment.

    How does Plexus Bio-Cleanse work?

    As the material reaches the stomach's acid environment and continues into the bloodstream, the vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) and bioflavonoid complex break the magnesium peroxide bond releasing the ozone and peroxides, softening the intestinal and arterial plaque, and killing pathogenic microbes throughout the body. The ozone and peroxides further breakdown into oxygen which continues to purify and energize all cells in the body. As the liquefied plaques and dead pathogens move toward leaving the body, the magnesium creates a colon flushing reaction, increasing bowel activity and preventing re-absorption of the toxins.

    How is Plexus Bio-Cleanse made?

    Through our advanced proprietary process, ozone, peroxides and magnesium are merged and bonded into a crystal lattice matrix (similar to air bubbles trapped in ice). Vitamin C and a whole-fruit bioflavonoid complex are added to help break the bond and provide a more sustained release thus creating optimal assimilation.

    Most people's primary nutritional focus is on foods and liquids, but the nutrient given the highest priority by the body is oxygen; the lack of which will kill a human in a matter of minutes. Oxygen is essential to the life sustaining process of full oxidation, the optimum burning of fuel (food). In the past twenty years there have been over 5,000 articles available in medical journals confirming the action of oxygen products on pathogens. Numerous human conditions have been addressed by the use of ozone and oxygen-enhancing compounds. These include excess weight, Candida, arthritis, and Epstein-Barr among others.

    In the case of obesity, the primary cause of the excess weight is inadequate oxidation of food, leaving it to be stored in lipid form for later use. The added weight compresses the body cells further, restricting their oxygen supply and intensifying their sensation of undernourishment, to which the usual response is greater food consumption. A higher oxygen level allows the body to oxidize its fuel more electively, including fuel that was stored away as lipids. More efficiently oxidation provides greater energy nourishment, eliminating inaccurate hunger signals and allowing the body's weight to normalize.

    Now, because of an innovative breakthrough in activated oxygen technology, people will be able to benefit from using supplemental sources of oxygen in addition to the air that they breathe through our proprietary process, magnesium, peroxides, super-oxides and ozonides are merged into a crystal lattice matrix (similar to air bubbles trapped in ice). This formula is enhanced by the addition of a pro-oxidant vitamin C, bio flavonoid complex providing more sustained release function creating optimal assimilation. When orally ingested, this stabilized bonding process is broken on contact with stomach acids releasing large amounts of activated oxygen. As these polyatomic gases are simultaneously dispersed, several events occur:

    The ozonides assisted by the oxidant break into oxygen (o2) and singlet oxygen (o1). This creates hydrogen peroxide in the stomach which is carried into the intestinal tract with the stomach chyme, softening the impacted fecal matter on the intestinal wall, softening arterial plaque, and killing pathogenic microbes throughout the body.
    Molecular oxygen is introduced into the bloodstream where oxygenation continues to purify and energize all the cells. The nascent oxygen is also available as a free radical scavenger. Without the free radical oxygen (o1), counterproductive free radicals cannot be effectively eliminated. The nascent oxygen combines with the toxic-free radicals. These destructive molecules accumulate due to the absence of the healthy free radical oxygen. (This imbalance has hindered the whole oxidative cycle of our aerobic bodies.) As the liquefied plaques and dead pathogens move toward leaving the body, the magnesium creates a colon flushing reaction in the bowels to prevent re-absorption of the toxins.
    The high amount of oxygen-ozonides-peroxides released can be measured with peroxide test strips and more sophisticated potassium iodide testing.
    When viruses or bacteria invade a cell and begin to replicate, all new cells are compromised; they are not perfect like the parent cells. Their cell membranes (a lipid 'envelope' of protection) are structurally weakened. When ozone is introduced into the body at specific concentrations, any cell that comes into contact with the ozone is affected. The ozone breaks down into activated oxygen and water in the bloodstream and oxidizes almost everything in its path. Activated oxygens are only attracted to weak cells because of their electric and chemical make-up and, therefore, attach only to the ones with pathogenic microbes inside them. Ozone effectively oxidizes the damaged cell membrane. This releases the virus and, or bacteria into the bloodstream (now a highly oxygenated environment) where it cannot survive and where it is oxidized (metabolized). Our formula's magnesium, vitamin C and bioflavonoids also add to nutritional balance. Many people are deficient in magnesium, vitamin C and bioflavonoids. Magnesium takes part in the duplication of RNA and DNA. It activates many of the enzymes that speed up chemical reactions that occur in the body (including catalase used in the dismutation process of oxidation).

    Meaghan S.

    "The Baby Weight is Gone!"

    “After a year of struggling to lose the weight I put on during my pregnancy, I decided to try Plexus Slim. At first I was extremely skeptical, but I was amazed at how quickly the product began to work for me and how much better I began feeling. I also started sleeping better and having more energy throughout the day. I am happy to report I have reached my goal. I lost over 15 pounds and 12 inches and I was finally able to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I feel like myself again—thank you Plexus!”

    Meaghan S.


    Do you suffer from sugar cravings, inexplicable fatigue or bloating, anxiety or a "brain fog"? Fortunately, ProBio5 provides a solution to many of today's "mystery" symptoms. ProBio5 features five extra strength probiotics, added enzymes, intestinal flora, B6 and Grape Seed extract-all in one effective delivery system-that supports the breaking down of hostile organisms that negatively impact your health.

    Retail Price: A Retail order is a one-time, non-recurring order.
  • 60 ct - $34.95

  • Preferred Price: A Preferred Customer agrees to a monthly recurring autoshipment of any of our products at lower cost than what a Retail Customer has to pay.
  • 60 ct - $29.95

  • ProBio5 may provide the following benefits:

  • Yeast organism (Candida) and fungal cleanse
  • Proper probiotic balance in the intestinal tract
  • Proper intestinal balance which increases nutrient absorption
  • Relief from typical Candida symptoms (anxiety, recurring irritability, lethargy, allergies, acne, dry/flaky skin, migraines, and so forth)

  • ProBio5 - More Information:

    ProBio5 will typically provide the following results: A relief from typical Candida symptoms, which may include anxiety, recurring irritability, heartburn, indigestion, lethargy, extreme food and environmental allergies, acne, dry, flaky, itchy skin, jock itch, migraine headaches, recurring cystitis/vaginal infections, premenstrual tension, and menstrual problems. A very large percentage of the population, all ages, sexes and races have a yeast overgrowth and don't even know it!

    The Saliva Test:

    First thing in the morning spit into a glass of water. If your spit remains floating in a nice, cohesive "blob", you're probably pretty much Candida-free. However, if after a few minutes, your spit begins to develop long strand-like tendrils that dissolve down into the water, or if your spit spreads out over the surface of the water, you probably have a Candida condition.


    Why put enzymes in ProBio5? Yeast and fungal organisms are comprised of proteins, chitin, and cellulose structures. Proteins are broken down by protease enzymes, and cellulose is broken down by cellulase. The chitin structure can only be processed in the presence of the chitinase (chitosinase) enzyme. The enzyme profile in ProBio5, which is micro encapsulated, is designed to process away the protein-based outer layer of yeast and fungal organisms. This then exposes the interior of these organisms to the cellulose of the chitosinase in the ProBio5. Enzymes are efficient and effective in the destruction of yeast and fungi.

    ProBio5 Friendly Flora In addition to enzymes, ProBio5 contains very beneficial "friendly bacteria" that assists in supporting the body's need for a balance of probiotics (micro flora) in the digestive tract. This "friendly bacteria" is delivered in a micro-encapsulation system to ensure that they reach their intended destination in the digestive tract to help rebuild the damage done by the yeast and fungi overgrowth.

    Vitamin B6 The probiotics and enzymes in ProBio5 are assisted by the addition of vitamin B6. B6 is required by enzymes involved in protein metabolism and is also essential for red blood cell metabolism. In addition, vitamin B6 helps increase the amount of oxygen carried by the blood. A well oxygenated body is resistant to yeast and fungi.

    Grape Seed Extract is one of the most powerful of the antioxidants that will fight free radicals. It is 20 times more powerful than vitamin C and 50 times stronger than vitamin E. Grape seed extract is a potent anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory substance. Grape seed extract has been extensively researched in universities around the world.

    ProBio5 Probiotics Without sufficient probiotics, your body's nutrient absorption is impaired; this can result in producing an environment that is supportive of yeasts and fungi growth. ProBio5 contains five powerful probiotics: Lactobacillus Sporogenes, L. Acidophilus, L. Plantarum, B. Longum and S. Boulardii.

    Bacillus Sporogenes is a spore forming probiotic that is able to survive the manufacturing process and caustic stomach acid so it can establish itself in the intestinal tract. Bacillus Sporogenes requires no refrigeration; it has a 50 year history of safe use. Bacillus Sporogenes produces the preferred form of lactic acid which is capable of releasing energy to resynthesize ATP without the involvement of oxygen and is called anaerobic glycolysis.

    Lactobacillus: Lactobacilli are bacteria that normally live in the human small intestine and vagina. Lactobacillus Acidophilus is generally considered to be beneficial because it produces vitamin K, lactase, and anti-microbial substances such as acidolin, acidolphilin, lactocidin, and bacteriocin.

    Acidophilus: This is a powder form of the normal, friendly bacteria that live in our intestines (called flora). Taking acidophilus replenishes our bacterial flora and reduces overgrow of yeast, especially some bacteria which grows well in an acid medium.

    Planterum: is derived from sour dough and has been demonstrated to improve the recovery of patients with enteric bacterial infections. This bacterium adheres to reinforce the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa, thus preventing the attachment of the pathogenic bacteria to the intestinal wall.

    Longum: One of the most important residents in the human gastrointestinal tract, B. Longum keeps the digestive system running smoothly, blocks the growth of harmful bacteria and boosts the immune system. The organism ferments sugars into lactic acid and has many health benefits for humans. It is often the dominant bacterium found in humans. It is a Gram-positive, anaerobic, branched rod-shaped bacterium. Researchers have identified a number of proteins that are specialized to help B. Longum interact with the human host and persist against harmful bacteria. Future research will now look closely at which genes allow B. Longum to live in different environments such as dairy products, vegetables and the human gastrointestinal tract.

    Boulardi: The intestinal micro flora are important for maturation of the immune system, the development of normal intestinal morphology, and in order to maintain a chronic and immunologically balanced inflammatory response. The micro flora reinforces the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa, helping in the prevention of the attachment of pathogenic microorganisms and the entry of allergens. Some members of the micro flora may contribute to the body's requirements for certain vitamins, including biotin, pantothenic acid and vitamin B12.

    Suggested Use: Take one capsule with evening meal or at bedtime for maintenance.
    Optional: Take two to four capsules with evening meal or at bedtime, until desired results are achieved.

    One bottle = approx. 6-8 weeks supply.

    Renee S.

    "I am truly losing fat"

    “My name is Renee S., I live in Carthage, MS and I am 49 years old. I have suffered from several different medical problems. A few of them are Fibromyalgia , Restless Leg Syndrome, insomnia, stress, and the list goes on. Over the past few years of being on a lot of medications my weight has continued to go up. The doctors have told me it would be hard for me to lose due to the side effects of the medications. I started watching everything I eat, counting calories, etc. I did lose a few pounds. Then Plexus came into my life, and the doctors told me to be careful with it due to my blood pressure and not to get my hopes up.

    “After a few days I noticed I was sleeping better, my pain level was a lot better and my legs were not jumping and jerking as much; I thought ’This is great even if I don't lose weight.’ My weight when I started on Nov. 5, 2011 was 159. I measured all the places I thought I had gained weight and kept all this in a journal. I thought ’Well, the holidays are coming up so I probably won't lose,’ because I didn't diet, I just ate what I would normally eat but not as much.

    “I did start losing even through Thanksgiving... then through Christmas, New Year's and I am still losing. I have gone from 12/14 size pants to 9's, I have lost 15 lbs. which does not sound like much but I have lost a total of 35 ½ inches all over my body and my blood pressure has been fine. I know by losing all these inches I am truly losing fat. My Doctors don’t know what to say, except ’WOW!’ I still have some more fat to lose but my goal is to look great in a bikini when I turn 50 in September!”

    Renee S.

    Dr. Spencer's Breast Cream

    The main ingredient in Dr. Spencer's Breast Cream is a very powerful strain called Spirulina Algae. Spirulina Algae is one of the most researched ingredients in the world. Tests have shown that the algae help the body to detoxify. This is very important for breast health.

    The body tends to store toxins in various fatty tissues in the body. And, as a woman's breasts are largely fatty tissue, they often become quite toxic. The daily application of this breast cream containing Spirulina Algae helps the breasts to eliminate these toxins and thus become healthier.

    Dr. Spencer's Breast Cream gives every woman an opportunity to look after her breast health in a loving, gentle and extremely effective manner.

    Retail Price: A Retail order is a one-time, non-recurring order.
  • $49.95

  • Preferred Price: A Preferred Customer agrees to a monthly recurring autoshipment of any of our products at lower cost than what a Retail Customer has to pay.
  • $39.95

  • Features and Benefits:

  • All-Natural formula with more than 15 ingredients
  • Based on 20 years of research and testing
  • Features exclusive technology based on work of world’s leading Spirulina pioneers, Dr. Gregory Spencer
  • Keeps breasts smooth, firm and youthful
  • Features natural properties of Aloe Vera, Bulgarian Rose and French Lavender extracts

  • Dr. Spencer's Breast Cream - More Information:

    What's In This Beautiful Cream?

    The first ingredient in Dr. Spencer's Breast Cream is Love. It also contains the essence of a dozen roses. Other natural ingredients include:

  • All-Natural formula with more than 15 ingredients
  • Spirulina Algae extract (water base)
  • Aloe Vera Juice
  • Glyceryl Stearate
  • PEG-100 Stearate
  • Safflower Oil
  • Octyl Palmitate
  • Cetyl Alcohol
  • Stearic Acid
  • Optiphen plus natural preservative
  • Allantoin
  • Vitamin E
  • Opa natural preservative
  • Essential oils Lavender/Rose

  • This is an all-natural cream. However, some of the ingredients have names that would seem to indicate otherwise. The following is a description of the ingredients in lay terms.

    Spirulina Algae Extract in Purified Water

    The Spirulina in this cream is a special strain of algae developed specifically for this product. The uniqueness of the algae is a result of how the algae is grown. Spirulina is a fresh water blue green algae that is commonly ingested as a super food. Spirulina is considered to be one of the most concentrated and health giving super foods on the planet. There have been more studies on the benefits of this super food than perhaps any other food. Multitudes of benefits have been ascribed to this very special algae.

    Spirulina is a blue green algae. The light green color of your cream comes from this ingredient. This algae is not harvested from a lake where there is no control of contaminants or pollution. This algae is grown in man-made ponds containing fresh pure water that is regularly monitored so as to insure the purity of the growing environment. Nutrients are specifically measured. There are no pesticides or harmful chemicals used in the growing process. Spirulina in the growing process keeps its own pond free of bacteria. These biological contaminants are not able to grow in its presence. This makes it very easy to maintain a pure growing environment.

    Aloe Vera Juice

    The Aloe Vera plant is well recognized as a plant with healing qualities. Many studies have verified its benefit for skin as well as the immune system in general. Ancient drawings of the plant have been discovered on cave walls making it the oldest plant documented as having healing qualities.

    Glyceryl Stearate and PEG-100 Stearate

    These are variations of similar items as the names suggest. Glyceryl Stearate comes from natural stearic acid and glycerin that is derived from either Palm or Soy oil. Glycerin and stearic acid are discussed below.

    Safflower Oil

    This is a cold pressed oil extracted from the seeds of the Safflower plant. Safflower oil is flavorless and colorless, and nutritionally similar to sunflower oil. Other than its use in cosmetics, it is used mainly as a cooking oil, in salad dressings, and for the production of margarine. It may also be taken as a nutritional supplement.

    Octyl Palmitate

    This ingredient is made from palm oil. Palm oil is a form of edible vegetable oil obtained from the fruit of the palm tree. Recently Palm oil has surpassed soybean oil as the most widely produced vegetable oil in the world.

    Cetyl Alcohol

    This is not an alcohol like you think of an alcohol. Cetyl alcohol is a white solid that in this product is derived from naturally occurring fatty acids in coconut oil.

    Stearic Acid

    Stearic Acid is a fatty acid that comes from vegetable fats and oils or animal fat. The vegetable form is used in this product.


    Allantoin is a naturally occurring compound found in a variety of foods such as wheat sprouts and beets. This form is from the comfrey plant which has been observed to help wounds heal and stimulates the growth of healthy tissue.

    Tocopheryl Acetate

    This is another term for Vitamin E.

    Opa Natural Preservative

    This is a blend of Plant Glycerin, Citric acid, Ascorbic acid and Sodium Chloride. Plant Glycerin is a natural syrupy liquid found extensively in cells of plants. Natural Glycerin is derived from oils and fats from plant sources. Glycerin is prevalent in higher plants and seaweed and in animals. Citric acid is a natural compound that is classified as a weak organic acid that is used as a natural preservative. Ascorbic acid is a monosaccharide classified as a Sugar acid. In this form is it is commonly referred to as Vitamin C. Sodium Chloride is simple table salt. The Essential Oils of French Lavender & Bulgarian Rose (Otto) are in this cream. Lavender is used as a natural fragrance whereas Bulgarian Rose is used because of benefits reported with its use topically. Since fragrance is a personal preference, the amount of Lavender used is intended to merely mask the boring scent of the base cream.

    The Fine Print

    There are provisions within the FDA that allow for health benefit claims to be made with oral nutrients. The FDA, however, does not have the same provisions for nutrients that are administered topically and thus no claims are allowed at this time. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. If pregnant or breast feeding consult a physician prior to use.

    If You Experience Discomfort

    It has been reported that some women experienced temporary tenderness of the breast tissue with regular massaging with the cream. It has been speculated that this may be a result of triggering lymphatic drainage as a result of regular massage or the active ingredients entering the skin may be facilitating a detoxifying reaction, although there is no proof that these explanations are correct.

    If you feel any discomfort, stop using the cream until the sensation has completely subsided. At that point start the cream again. If the tenderness returns after initiating use of the cream, again stop using the cream. Do not return to use until all tenderness again has dissipated. As you go through this process the tenderness should become less with each return to use of the cream or it takes longer for this to show up. Eventually tenderness does not return.

    If you are an exception whereby discomfort always returns with use of the cream and it is not becoming less with each attempt, it is advised to discontinue the cream entirely and consult your physician for a breast exam. To date there are no reports of such an experience. However, if this does take place please contact us and report your experience.

    The Science of Slim

    A clinical study using Plexus Slim was conducted in 2008. The study was conducted with eight type 2 diabetes patients of mixed gender and age. While all patients carried excess weight to varying degrees, the primary purpose of this study was to see how well the product reduced glucose levels in Type 2 diabetics. The weight loss was a secondary consideration.

     	 	Test Period	6/5/08	to	10/31/08
 	Patient 1	Patient 2	Patient 3	Patient 4	Patient 5	Patient 6	Patient 7	Patient 8
Beginning Weight	331	155	267	216	179	165	205	145
Weight at 30-Day Mark	317	151	262	201	173	156	202	136
End Weight	302	150	257	166	161	143	198	129
Weight Loss	29	5	10	50	18	22	7	16

Beginning Avg. Glucose Level	187	129	231	159	170	150	174	169
End Avg. Glucose Level	114	81	118	85	98	95	108	116
Drop in Avg. Glucose Level	73	48	113	74	72	55	66	53
Loss of inches in fatty areas?	Yes	Yes	Yes	Yes	Yes	Yes	Yes	Yes
Energy Level	Improved	Improved	Improved	Improved	Improved	Improved	Improved	Improved
Appetite Control	Improved	Improved	Improved	Improved	Improved	Improved	Improved	Improved

    Study Results: All patients experienced improvement in the above listed areas and categories. Many times shedding the final 5-10 pounds of excess weight is the most difficult. It is important to note that even patients with relatively little excess weight (5-10 lbs) were able to shed these excess pounds.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.